Good day lightseekers!

For all of you avid Lightseekers fans who follow the competitive scene, you’ll already know that this past weekend I travelled up to Hamilton in Scotland to take part in the second “Gold” event of the season for the UK. For the new/casual players, the “Gold” events are equivalent to regional championships and offer a fantastic chance to battle it out with some of the UKs finest Lightseekers players as well as potentially taking home a portion of the very generous prize pool.

Once again, for people that have followed my travels over the last year, you’ll know that in my infinite wisdom I decided that the coach on the Friday would be an excellent idea. This always seems like a brilliant idea on my wallet and i suggest if you don’t mind sitting next to a stranger for 8+ hours then it’s certainly not that bad! After a reasonable journey from Milton Keynes to Hamilton, I arrived at my hotel. I swiftly got changed and headed down to Settler’s to meet up with Jaegernoon, Mashiro and Ofcourse to check in with SettlersShazz. On a side note, if you ever find yourself in the Hamilton area, you should definitely check out Shazz’s store. It has a fantastic community feel with all sorts of card and board game related goodness happening, with the added bonus of a small cafe on site for your munching needs.. (and the best Milkshakes north of the wall!!!)

Mashiro and I have been discussing a Tempuz Mill deck for the past week or so and after my very close match on stream against RazorGreshu (thunderfin army o7 o7) we tried to tweak the list with shadow. Unfortunately we couldn’t find a way to make the Aggro Tech match up favourable and after spending a week theorising, the idea was canned and it was back to what we know… or so I thought!

I would like to take this opportunity to say that be very careful when you are booking hotels/rooms in places you don’t know because you may accidentally book a room above a pub and then you may be subject to, what can only be described as, some of the worst drunken Scottish Karaoke that I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to grace my ears. This continued until 1am but somehow sleep prevailed!

Saturday morning. I don’t know what deck to play still but hunger takes over and Jaegernoon and I head for breakfast. Mashiro joins us shortly after and we attempt to build tempuz again.. at this point though Mashiro has decided to switch back to High Curator and I’m fairy sure that Magrok will be my choice of tipple for the week. We finish up the breakfast and head to the store where we meet up with TempuzNA, Jason Wilson who owns the store in Inverness (shout out Ellerium
Games) and the couple of people that travelled with them. (Apologies, never caught your names!)
Soon the Team Lemon Ice (TLI) brigade arrive and some witty banter ensues.. whilst I still have no idea what to play. Suddenly, I see that Gul’Dan (currently ranked #1 on OP points) is not playing Tempuz as usual and he’s playing High Curator and a couple of other players are playing mill strategies. This then set a light bulb off and suddenly, I am writing out my deck list for a Seleni Lock out deck which I didn’t think would see tournament play. This was inspired by an idea given to me by Dr.Atylis and then furthered by Bova when PlayFusion ruined all the fun and gave Geode Hatchling burn.  I had never played this deck in a tournament match before and only played the deck in its new variation a couple of times on the app, so whilst being apprehensive of taking something untested to battle after last years scottish nightmare, I took the plunge and submitted my list with 5 minutes to spare.
I knew the deck was weak to Aggro so I hoped that RNG was with me.

I believe we had 18 players after a series of unfortunate events which meant a bunch of players were unable to come. Which means 5 rounds of Swiss and a top 8 cut.

Round 1: TempuzNA (Tempuz) WLW
Here we go again. Evidently I hadn’t been praying hard enough because round 1 I have to play my fellow foil collector Alan. Alan is from team Ellerium Games and whilst we had never faced in real life, he had given me a lot of tough games on the app.
Surprisingly I took game 1 with a flurry of chimichu infiltrators and a lovely Subjugator sitting there for around 10 turns.
Game 2 I had the game sealed until Alan destiny drew into a Ramparts off Tempuz which I couldn’t deal the correct damage past and Portable Turret ate me alive.
Game 3 was the beginning of the story of the weekend. I am on 13 and Alan is on 12, he tempuz and plays Bombling.
I can either play Pathfinder and heal or I can take a gamble with my Anti-Gravity Field (paid for with black hole) and if the top card is not a gravity, I win. I sat for a solid minute before deciding that I hadn’t come to Scotland to hang on and threw down the Anti-Gravity Field.. revealing my top card as.. LUNAR SHRIEKER! PHEW! Alan was slightly shocked and the motto of “better to be lucky than good” was sprung around which I gracefully received! 1-0.. the dream is real!

Round 2: [TLI]Callander (Tempuz) LWW
Oh my dear lord. Another aggro match. Made even better because Callander has yet to top any event he has played due to unfortunate tie breakers and a love for Little Blammo so we had been exchanging some banter before this round.. so typical we have to play.
Game 1 he does what Aggro should do and sends me to the shadow realm within 5 minutes. Absolutely nothing I can do.
Game 2 was the most back and forth game I’ve ever played. We both were around 8 health for a long period of time, neither of us able to find the kill shot turn after turn until I finally managed to Skyrider my way through and shoot him down.
Game 3 was also intense as hell. Dan starts turn 4 by perfectly paying for a Quantum Loop and hitting me for 13 and I reply with a Planetary alignment. We get down to a situation with me at 8 and Dan at 12.. you all know what’s happening here..

Anti Gravity field.. paid for with Black Hole.. and…. LUNAR! Head shot!
Dan and I shake hands and agree that was an awesome game of Lightseekers. That would have been worthy of any stream!
2-0.. what is life!

Whilst I haven’t done my full combo yet, I am fully happy to have come through both of those tough tough matches.. we have a half hour lunch break and then I find out that I am facing Gul’Dan!

Round 3: Gul’Dan (High Curator) WLL
Game 1 was very straight forward and my deck did what it is actually designed to do in the control match up. I managed to establish the lock and explained to Dan how the next few turns would be, he realised the jig was up and we head to game 2.
Game 2 is a testament to Dan’s side decking abilities and he used a horrific manifestation and then a noxin hexmaster to strip me of my combo pieces and by the time I had managed to reassemble, he had already taken control of the game and it was off to game 3.
Game 3 Dan ruined me. Plain and simple. He opened fairly strong and whilst I had a Black Hole, he had the pesky Noxin Hexmaster again which completely KO’d me from the game taking my infiltrator and Pathfinder away which left me digging for answers but Dans deck was too quick and I fell to the lashings of some tentacles and some spider bites.. such a strong game and a shame to lose but you have to shake a mans hand when you get outplayed!
2-1, onwards and upwards!

Round 4: Jaegernoon (Brother Scaldrun) LWW
I hate these matches, especially when a win for me puts me in top 8 and puts Jake on the bubble and a win for Jake puts him into top and puts me on the bubble.
Game 1 Jake takes ferociously with a huge barrage of damage and a Rupture
Game 2 I manage to steal with a Gravity Bubble and then a Black Hole
Game 3 Jake was ahead for most of the game but I managed to resolve an Anti-Gravity Field, a Planetary Alignment and finally a gravity bubble. Jake unfortunately forgot that he had Colossi Idols on top of the discard so was unable to Crushing Blow my Crystal Core and by the time he had the chance too, he needed to heal to stay alive. These are the games when nobody actually wins.
3-1 and into top cut, last round will be for seeding!

Round 5: General Carnage Mill LWW (Sorry I forgot your username but he’s a super nice scottish guy)
Game 1 I rifle through my deck, I have my combo ready and he plays Jester!!! Which completely wrecks my play and I have to concede
Game 2 I decide to press for damage with defend cards and then use oppressor to knock the core off and seal the game!
Game 3 is pretty much the same as game 2, I keep my hand low due so I can’t get jestered and I don’t attack until I’ve found the oppressor so I can’t get Crystal Mazed and I manage to take the game fairly convincingly
4-1 and we end up as 5th seed!
Callander makes it into 8th after a long discussion with Jaeger about how 9 is definitely more than 6.

Top 8: Jaeger (Seleni Aggro) LL
I wish I could give you the story of a lifetime but honestly I got stomped quicker than you can quick. I knew this game was an unfavourable match up because of Seleni’s access to hand disruption, healing and damage. This was the reason I didn’t play my deck previously but I am happy with the top 8 finish!

Congratulations to Gul’Dan for winning another Gold Event and racing clear on the OP points with way over 1200! Mashiro ended up losing in Top 4.. always the bridesmaid with him!
Thank you to Carl for a smoothly run event, Shazz for providing us the space to play the event and to all the players who made the weekend thoroughly enjoyable as always.
Special shout out to everyone who sent their support, team starfish/my group chat for helping test different things!!
On Sunday I managed to claim victory over Djekko in the Heroic Starfish Online event which was a sweet ending to the weekend.

If you want to travel and play some events, I definitely recommend Lightseekers as the community is fantastic. If anyone is unsure about wanting to attend events but feels like they need deck advice, to borrow cards or anything then I am usually on hand via Discord or Facebook! (Aaron ‘Cosmo’ Henman)

Next stop will be Manchester at the end of March where we will see if we can continue our run of Gold event top 8s, I’ve got some spicy decks brewing so hopefully we can find something fun and maybe claim a title..

Until next time, remember.. it’s always better to be lucky than good! Cosmo out!

Scotland Tournament Report