I’m going to start this story from 2 weeks before the tournament. This Heroic Starfish tournament was part of back to back weekend tournaments. The first of which was the week before at a PlayFusion event where the competition was harder and the stakes were higher. The entire lead up to the tournament at PFHQ was just filled with stress and not knowing what I was going to play. The day prior to the Playfusion tournament I had no deck and was lost for what to play. I had fellow starfish Cosmo tell me I could use Carl’s Zuna deck. I prepared a Granite as back up but on the day decided to go with Zuna. I just missed out on the Playfusion event coming 9th and missing out on the top 8 cut. With all this in mind, I knew I didn’t want to stress myself out for the Heroic Starfish tournament. I knew there would be fewer players and less pressure. So I played around with a few deck ideas. My main idea being an Arcmoss deck with the idea to counter Calak and Granite. After a lot of testing Arcmoss wasn’t the deck I wanted to take. Friday night at 9PM I realised I still didn’t have a deck. So I smashed together a Zuna Deck with a few fun changes like adding in 3 Items. You can see a more in-depth explanation of my decklist here(https://djekko.co.uk/2018/10/21/heroic-starfish-tournament-the-winning-deck-list/).

I get to the tournament after a helpful lift from Vundo help set up some tables and catch up with the players and we were away with an 8 Player Tournament.

Game 1 – Alice – Star Tamer Calak – LWW

A first-round pairing again. Alice and I faced each other in the first round of the Playfusion tournament were I won 2-0. She was playing Calak again and had told me she didn’t change her deck so I knew what her game plan was as she ran Crystal in her deck. Game 1 went on for a while, Alice was able to heal and stay up and had 2 Flying Fortress’ in play with one on its last corner. Alice then played a Stubborn Everok and used Calaks ability to draw for loads of cards. She only needed 4 defends out of like the nine cards she would be drawing and taking 5 damage per defending the draw, Alice took game one. the 2nd and 3rd game I got off to a pretty string start getting Alice bellow 15 in 2 turns. Alice pulled through and had a strong defence and in both games, I could see that she was building to use Reality Rift. I delayed by playing Fonts and a few other cards which would force her to deal with my play before playing her combo. I was able to chip away until I had a killing hand and won the next 2 games.

Game 2 – h00x – Star Tamer Calak – LL

This was another matchup that I had the week before. I just missed out the week before losing 1-2 at Playfusion so I was hoping for some revenge but it was not meant to be. Full credit to h00x for his Calak deck as in both dames I found myself with not a lot of health, I felt like I had made some big hits but he was still in the high 20’s. I may have got close but my fellow starfish was able to hit me with the big combos and I lost game 2

Game 3 – Vundo – Fish Singer Ushi – WW

Another starfish matchup. Vundo came rocking along to this tournament with an Infinite Ushi and I knew I just had to go aggro. The 2 games dragged on until I almost exhausted all of my cards. Fortunately for me, I was able to get Vundo down to less than 6 health, with his Crystal Core in play I was still able to get the win. The same story for the second game it was just a matter a constantly dealing damage and hoping for the best.

Game 4 – rubik_cube_man – Captain Blacktail – LWW

Rubik’s deck is terrifying and dirty and just outright annoying. The entire deck focuses on playing Time Chambers and Storm Sharmans and rinsing though additional actions and playing defends to deal 6 damage per turn. Unfortunately, game 1 I wasn’t fast enough and I just couldn’t draw a Chrono Warper, rubik was able to get off his magic play and killed me. Game 2 was a lot more entertaining and tense. Rubik quickly got into a loop of using Fluxamo and Subjagator to top me playing anything useful. I Kept drawing until I got my Anti-Magic Pulse. Once I had my Anti-Magic Pulse I was able to put a stop to rubik’s annoying Subjagator loop and deal some much-needed damage. Rubik was able to set up for a time chamber play and I was able to delay him by using a Chrono Warper and it was enough for me to take game 2. Game 3 was perfect for me. I was going second so started with 5 cards and was able to win the game in 4 turns. Turn 1 I dealt 11 damage, turn 2 was 11 damage again, turn I only had a Warp Toad in hand so I used Zuna’s ability to draw 2 were I drew a Scrapworks Bruiser and a Fumbling Alchemist so finish my turn with another 6 damage. Rubik went into his turn on 2 health. He played subjugator and hoped for the best. I was able to play my Warp-Toad and Bruiser to take the game 2-1.

Top 4 – TheRedFlash – Farapang – WW

So after 4 rounds of Swiss I was 3-1 and had made the top 4. h00x also made top 4 and before pairings, I would have pegged him as the favourite with his Calak deck. Unfortunately for him but fortunately for me, h00x was paired against an Arcmoss which he had just lost to in the final round of Swiss. The odds had now swung my way. I was paired against TheRedFlash. He wasn’t very optimistic which gave me some confidence. One thing I have picked up on from TheRedFlash and how he plays is that he carries very little healing. So I knew if I hit hard and fast it wouldn’t take long before I was able to win. Both games were pretty similar and were over pretty quick.

Final – Loopstah – Arcmoss – WW

Loopstah was able to beat h00x with his Arcmoss again so I went in almost knowing what to expect as I had done a lot of experimentation with Arcmoss. Although I liked my Arcmoss deck I know it falls short against Zuna. Both games were very similar and slow paced. I couldn’t use Zuna’s ability and had to rely on just drawing. So I drew at least 1 card every turn keeping damage consistent when I could and built up to Playing Attack Combos. Although the games seemed slow pace both games were over fairly quickly.

I finished off the day by playing some board games with everyone at the tournament and a few more back at Casa Del Starfish and a Takeaway. I can’t wait for the next tournament and carry on playing.


Djekko’s Spooktober Tournament Report