Good day Lightseekers!

Fresh off the back of the gold event at Excelsior Games in Bristol, I thought it would be good to bring back the Cosmo tournament reports and weekend experiences for you all!

As you all know, the invitational is hot on everyone’s minds and whilst I have been concentrating on grinding to be digital #1 in the UK playing the old format, I’ve had little time to test classic format apart from a few games with Mashiro and my team mate Jaegernoon on the app. Friday night we decided to meet up and test some decks and brought a new player into the fold, shuffle shuffle. An accomplished yugioh player, it was not long before he found his feet, it was midnight and we were all dreading the 5:30am wake up! I settled on an anti-Aggro strategy as I thought there would be a lot of aggro decks after much deliberation.

Saturday begins with the usual lack of sleep and awake early. Swing by and collect GlacialProxi and Owain, then a nice smooth drive to Bristol. Arrive at the store for just before 9:45am, meet up with the one and only twitch sensation that is Georgester and lend him some stuff he wants for his deck. Hand out cards to other people, meet the Preston boys and Chris, Bess, Linda and Zia.. 21 players in attendance, lists all submitted and it’s off to the races!

Round 1: Mashiro WLL (Hugh Curator)

I honestly think that I am cursed. We tested this match up and it’s horrendous as I’m playing a deck that’s week to control decks. Game 1 I manage to steal the game after a long long game 1. David takes game 2 in time. Unfortunately in time for game 3, David has the damage and I take a first round loss. Not unexpected but not the best start to event.


Round 2: TomW WW (Sarina)

EVERY TIME.. another Dread deck, another control deck, a whole bunch of nature working against me here!

Game 1 I take because his deck relies on using the green attack item to gain actions and my steadfast beacons and unruly mob put in a lot of work. Also magrok is very hard to kill when you only have chip damage!

Game 2 is pretty much the same, I end up having double steadfast double unruly mob and finishing him with Nitro Hammer and Dusktalon Assassin.


Round 3: Georgester WW (Halvar)

Finally, an Aggro deck! It’s a bit sad to be playing George so early and effectively knocking one of us out of the tournament but such is the nature of the beast.

Game 1 I take with no struggle at all. My deck does what it’s supposed too, built a wall that George couldn’t break and eventually he ran out of resources and surrendered.

Game 2 happened to be the funniest thing ever to happen to me at a Lightseekers event. I was sitting at 11, with a steadfast beacon. I was aware that George would struggle to kill me through this so I gotta passed for 2, hoping he would push me below 10 so I could utilise Magrok the next turn.

George then looks at his hand, looks at my life counter and then a huge joyous smile breaks out on his face. In his excitement, he started to stand up and he throws an overwhelming blast directly at my face but I cut his celebrations short but reminding him that steadfast Beacon reduces the overwhelming blast by 1, so I am left on 1 health!!!!!! George now is actively deflated, especially next turn when I arm the crystal core and heal to 12 with Dusktalon and my item. Ultimately I take the game!


Round 4: TheRedFlash WW (Wartoximus Warp)

I wish I could write a very fun report for this but the ultimate truth is that I spend both games hiding behind heal and he ran out of cards. This is how you have to approach this match up unfortunately, build a wall!!


So need to win the last round to top, feel sort of confident that even if I lose then I should still squeeze into top cut at 8th but obviously don’t want to take the risk.

Round 5: ShuffleShuffle WLL (High Curator)

Considering he only learned Lightseekers at 8pm the previous night and now he’s sitting 3-1 with a complicated deck but my worst match up. He is playing Mashiro’s deck so I know it’s going to be super hard.

Game 1 I take after running his resources out but this game took 45 minutes.

Game 2, we go into time and he is ahead so we have to play a game 3.

Game 3, I manage to heal to 34 but I have no damage and he plays a shadow form to heal to 35 to take the game by 1 point of health in time!

Was such a grind and I’m a little deflated, thinking that even if I top cut, I’ll have to play Mashiro who is undefeated.

Standings appear and I am 7th! Meaning that I have to play against Tempuz Aggro so I’m happier than having to play Mashiro.

Top 8: Gul’Dan LL (Tempuz)

Dan is a very accomplished Tech Aggro player, having piloted the deck to claim the win at the Heroic Starfish Championship and also my closest ranked rival on the app! He also claimed the Preston Silver event, so he is definitely on form!

Game 1 is going pretty much to plan, I am left on 1 and my crystal core gone, but I have shroud of night and holding Abyss Weaver and Duskglade tome active, I feel that if I play the shroud and pass then I’ll heal and win the following turn. Unfortunately, one toady boiiii popped out from Dans deck which took me by surprise and and he poked the 1 damage he needed!

Game 2 I had a slow start and Dans deck did what it does and Dan killed me fairly quickly! Can’t complain about losing this game.

So I finished in the top 8, claimed my prizes and topped another event! Feel happy about the finish, and took Magrok out for a spin! My friend meme was also playing the same deck as me, which also granted him a top 8 finish!

Congratulations to Dan for winning the event, David (Mashiro) for second place, Shuffle Shuffle for top 4 and Meme, Jaegernoon for top 8!

Next stop on the journey will be Heroic Starfish silver event on the 9th of Feb, then Scotland gold on the 23rd of Feb and Manchester gold!

See you all there hopefully!


Bristol Gold Report