Booster Draft Kit – 2 players


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This kit contains 4 Awakening booster packs, 2 Mythical booster packs and 4 Kindred booster packs. Everything you need to play a draft game with two players!


Each player is given 5 booster packs (2 Awakening, 1 Mythical, 2 Kindred). They all open one of their boosters and pick out one card from it. After everyone in the group has picked a card, they pass the remaining cards to the person on their left. They then pick one card from the deck they received and pass it over to the left again. The boosters circulate like this until all cards have been picked out. The players then open their second booster pack to repeat the process, but alternate between passing to the left and right.

After all booster packs have been distributed, players need to build a deck using the cards they have picked out. There are a few key differences in how a Booster Draft deck is built compared to the standard ruleset:

  • All heroes have access to all Elements to a basic level. This means that any player can play cards of any Element, regardless of what heroes they have selected.
  • They can use up to 2 Heroes. A player may opt to not play a Hero; in which case they will start the game on 30 health with no hero trait. If they do have a Hero or two, they gain those heroes’ superior Elements, their hero traits, and the greater of the two starting health values (but it cannot go lower than 30, even if the heroes’ health are both less).
  • When playing a combo, any card of the same Order can be used as payment. For example, a Death card can pay for a Poison Element, but a Lightning card could not. The same applies if a combo pays for another combo (any Elements of the same Order can pay for each other).
  • The deck should only consist of 30 cards in total (action cards and combo cards added together; this does not include the hero card), of which up to 5 can be combo cards, and the rest must be action cards.
  • The deck can contain any number of duplicate cards of action cards and combo cards alike (e.g. it can contain more than one copy of a combo card).
Booster Draft Kit – 2 players
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