2nd – Jaeger with Granite


Wrath of the mountain
Crushing Blow
Lava Shredding
Magma Blast
Stream of Tantos

Action Cards

Mountain Fort x3
Crystal Leech x2
Geode Hatchling x3
Exteria Defender x3
Boulder Feast x3
Focus Chamber x3
Ancient Miner x3
Vitalizing Frog x1
Root Singer x1
Battleborn Oppressor x1
Shattered Volcano x2
Forge Wall x1
Storm Shell x1
Pearl of Ashwood x1
Tantosian Blacksmith x2


Avalanche x1
Rupture x1
Kreebal Potion Master x1
Kreebal Monk x1
Unruly Mob x1
Raging River x1
Crystal Leech x1
Crushing Charger x1
Weapon Master x1

HS Championship Top 8 by Jaeger – Granite