Heroic Starfish is the UK's number one Lightseekers online store.

Unlike other retailers, our web shop only stocks Lightseekers TCG products which means we can give you the best possible prices and the widest range of Lightseekers products.

We stock sealed boosters, single cards, neoprene play mats and life tokens so whatever you need, you can shop for it here!


Made from the finest neoprene, our play mats are available in six different styles. These designs vary to suit both preference and personality.

PAX 2018, Blue Burst, Classic, 2018 Edition, Mythical Heroes and Rock Glow!



Life Tokens

These official Lightseekers life tokens will make you the envy of other Lightseekers players. Available for all six orders, these life tokens are an absolute must.

Available in Metal (Limited Stock), Metal and Acrylic. Be sure to buy yours now!


Sealed Boosters

We have booster packs, super booster boxes and booster display boxes. We have all six starter decks and constructed decks. We do also offer Box Breaks to help you round out your collection.


Single Cards

Singles to fill those gaps! Provided by non other than Cosmo via his causecardstore.

Cosmo is sure to sort out your needs at a fantastic price!